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Disabling a Form Field from being Edited


I’m trying to disable a specific field in a form from being edited by the user. The reasoning is due to that specific field already being pre-filled by a URL parameter from a step the user has already taken previously.

Here is a screenshot of what I hope to accomplish: Screenshot - Circle Comm

I read this thread and believe it is almost what I’m looking to do: How to make inputs disabled?

Thanks in advance!

As a follow-up here is a better example of what I am trying to accomplish here: Tryit Editor v3.6

You can add the CSS code to the Inside < head> tag section and then something like the script below to the Before < /body> tag in the page settings

window.onload = (event) => { 
    let pre_filled_email = document.getElementById('Email');  
    pre_filled_email.value = ""; //get from your parameter function
    pre_filled_email.disabled = true;