Forms - Hide submit button until all fields are filled out?

Hey everyone!

I would like to make a very simple form with just three fields (say Name, Age, and Hometown), but I want the submit button to be hidden until the three fields are filled out. I’ve seen some people suggest using TypeForm, but I was curious if it’s possible to do within Webflow.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks all!


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Hey Alex,

not directly within webflow, as far as I know.
One way to still achieve the effect would be by tinkering with custom css.
You’d have to build the interaction by tying the appearance of your send button to the ::focus pseudo-class of your form fields.

a short jquery script might work even better.

But unless you are already well versed in with css/js, you are probably better off by just using typeform if it offers what you seek.


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