How to make Hero image continously loop

Hey Everyone,

So what im trying to do is have a banner at the top of the page continously loop. So the first person should follow straight again after the last person on the image. Is there a way to do this because i cant figure it out…

Here is my public share link: (Webflow - Samir's Fresh Site)
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Hi Samir

I bit difficult to explain, so I am attaching a video that shows how to create something similar with text. It’s the same principle, basically. If you want to see more videos like this, click on this link.

Hope that helps.

On a second thought, perhaps you wanted to know how to build a slider.

Hey thanks for your reply! The infinite marquee is what im trying to do but I still can’t figure out how i do that with images. Since i’m not using text i tried putting the image in a div but still i have a wide blank space before it starts again.

Do you have an idea what im doing wrong?

Hi Samir

I hope I am replying on time, I don’t know if this project is kind of urgent.
I can’t give you advice about the issues that you are currently having - it’s all about the settings, and adjusting everything until it works seamlessly.

To be honest with you, I think you should really consider using slider(if you are using photos). It is easy on the eye, and people can have the time to see what’s on each frame properly. I know that the marquee looks more technically advanced, but from user experience, it’s a bad choice. That’s my personal opinion, and you should ignore it, perhaps. It’s up to you to make that web site a WOW experience, and only you have the vision and the inspiration to do that. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and twist things until everything works the way you wanted it. Sometimes takes a day, or two. If you can’t get it right today, try again tomorrow. You will see everything with a fresh eye, and will be outside the limiting mindset box that you are in today.

Make it work, and wow the world :slight_smile:

I just checked your project quickly - I really don’t have time to help as I am very busy with my project. Follow the video, if it’s too fast, you can reduce the speed from the settings and go to 0.75 or 0.50 speed.
You will need two-three more div blocks and use interaction to trigger the effect. The Interaction settings start at 2.50 minutes.

Hope that helps. Keep me updated.

Hi @Svilen_Georgiev

Sorry to jump in here. But I have this on my site. Is this what you’re trying to do:

Hi Gary

No, I was trying to help Samir find a solution for his web project.

Hope the day is going great.

Oops sorry. Hope you’re week has been great also. See ya later :slight_smile:

No worries Gary.

I have done that myself couple of times :slight_smile:

Yeah i tried doing that but than the divs themselves jsut get smaller because they are not overflowing the section…

Yes that is indeed what im trying to do, but horizontally :sweat_smile:


Okay got it. I can explain how to do it. Depending on how many sections there are, it may be a long post. I can send you a message to go step by step. If you want me to do it, I just charge a flat fee. Let me know.