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Infinite horizontal scroll/move interaction

Hey guys
I have long image set up in section and I would like it to horizontally scroll/move infinite on page load or hover. I can make it move but I need the image to “stick the end together” so that it makes infinite loop.
Hope you can understand me.

Can you please share your public share link? Thanks! :wink:

Hi @aitugans, thanks so much for the question :slight_smile: Are you trying to create an effect where the image stays in a fixed position on scroll scroll? I am not sure exactly what is mean’t by “stick the end together”, would it be possible to help clarify that?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @cyberdave I tried to draw it.
Grey thing is the website, green one is the picture and what I want to do is for picture to move continuously (picture never ends, it repeats horizontally) that’s why I said “stick the ends together”. Take saturn’s ring for example.

Hi @aitugans, thanks, are do you have a specific image you could share that you were thinking of using?

@cyberdave it will be series of pictures put together in one but so far I’ve been trying with this one.

@cyberdave any idea how to make it happen?

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