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How to have images scroll across a screen in a loop --"Ticker Wrapper/ Slide?"

Hi community,

I’m super new to Webflow and coding - but it’s been such an inspiring experience trying to soak in all the webflow university videos and reading the forums to learn!

Could someone provide advice or direction on how to have images scroll across the screen in a continuous loop?

The effect I’m trying to figure out is like this scrolling text on the website below.

So confused, I inspected the code and it’s called a Tinker Wrapper/ Slide… Not sure how to proceed next. Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere or if this seems like a silly basic question, I’m so new to all of this. Any direction would be so so appreciated!

Hey @guiseclothing,

Do you mean the “R10-19” text? That slow scrolling across?

Hi @garymichael1313!

Yup! The text, which I think is an image? Any ideas :slight_smile:

Yeah this question has come up a number of times. Of course, there are scripts that you could embed, or build it from scratch and loop the interaction. Either way you’ll get the same results, its up to you.

There are literally hundreds of scripts that do this online. I’ve even seen a simple html tag added in the embed component, ha, obviously that’s really old but hey it works.

If it were me, I’d build it from scratch and loop. From scratch you could make a symbol and keep it for any other projects too, just change icons when needed. A script won’t be a symbol so updating one html embed on a page - will NOT update on another page. Primary selling point in my opinion :slight_smile:

Aw wow, thanks for the response and pointers @garymichael1313!!! :blush::blush::blush:

Sorry if this is a complete newb question, still really trying to wrap my head around the learning curve as a complete beginner— how would I begin creating it from scratch? Would it be adding the element using a slider?

Ack, also apologies if this has been answered elsewhere! Any direction, greatly appreciated!

Oh no problem, I completely understand. I started in the same spot :slight_smile: I would suggest following this path.

This is absolute first video collection to watch, hands down, because it’s sequential and linear. Don’t take a break, watch this in one sitting. Block out a couple of hours, it works better at one time.

You’ll need this one next because it explains positioning in more detail. Since you’ve now graduated from dropping shapes onto a page, then dragging them anywhere, which is not web building at all. You actually learn from the ground up in this class.

Finish with this class. This tutorial sets the stage for design, the others are structural. I like #3 for the beginning stages because you’ll feel really good about getting started! Oftentimes, after videos, etc, I still don’t really know what to do next (I’m in that stage with 3D modeling now… ugh). This class eliminates that learn curve and puts you in the driver seat.

In addition, there’s a glimpse into the Designer, the Canvas, Panels, etc… Even those familiar with the Webflow application can benefit from this video.

Hey, have fun! Holler at me if you need anything else, see ya :v: