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How to make collection list's overflow - being auto scroll?


Anybody kindly enough to help me with this ?
was trying to build a static ( fill screen ) dashboard while the list of the content ( collection list from CMS ) being “auto scroll”

Thanks in advance !



Here is my site Read-Only: Link

By auto scroll you mean the block with your red outline should scroll its content? and the top part of the screen shouldn’t, and should remain visible?

Hi @vincent , thank you for such a quick response, appreciate it.

yes it is, and I do aware the auto scroll button, my question is where / which div should I set as auto and Not. ( check attached screenshot ).
as you can see right now I set the “content wrapper” div, as auto. but it doesn’t work.

this auto scroll been always been my nemesis here in webflow LOL. still can’t figured out the setting for each div.