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Collection List Wrap and Elastic Scrolling?

Hello, I’ve recently been asked to design a website using webflow/CMS and I’ve been having far so far. However, since it was a project that someone else worked on, some elements are in places I didn’t know where to look at and it has been tough. My apologies for posting about 3 problems in one thread, I didn’t want to make one for each as for it seems like it didn’t warrant it. I hope this is OK!

First of all, here’s a read-only version of the site:

Elastic Scrolling (Safari only)
Seen in this video:

I have a background with 100vh and 100vw. I followed the flex box tutorial and made the very bottom div a flex box to the bottom, but it seems to be still bounce/elastic scrolling.

Collection List Wrap (Safari only)
We’re trying to make a gallery, but it seems that while viewing with safari, some gaps happens. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much for reading. All help is appreciated.