How to make a special pop-up HELP!


I have a project that I am currently struggling with at the moment.

The pop-up on my webpage is shown on every page of the website. I would like to set it to only show up on the home page.

Additionally, I would like it to pop up, the user clicks on it, and then it stays hidden for a week and then reappears again.

I also want the pop-up to disappear once the user inputs their email.

Does anyone have any tips for going about this? Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Sarcastic Mommy
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Hi Franny all of this is possible but you’d be doing quite a bit of work and scripting using cookies to track and trigger in your different states ( new user, repeat user, subscribed user ).

If you search the forums and Pixelgeek’s youtube channel, I recall he did a walkthrough on the cookie snooze part, which you can start with as a model.

Regarding the triggering, chances are you have it to trigger on a site wide interaction event? You should be able to lock that down to the homepage if the physical popup only exists on the homepage, rather than in a sitewide symbol.

All that aside, if you don’t mind paying a couple of dollars a month, I’d recommend you have a look at the lowest paid tier on MailerLite. It’s a newsletter mailing service but it also supports pop-up configurations, with all of the page-path control and cookie trigger settings you’d likely need. And if you’re only doing mailing list signups with the form, you may be able to use the free plan throughout.