Pop-Up when you get to website - for email or offer etc


I use webflow for my site www.thepopuppinholecompany.com, and I’d like to have a pop-up as soon as someone enters the site, so I can push out an offer. Like here for example - http://www.woolandthegang.com (if this is no longer pulling up the pop-up I’ve also attached an image.)

Is there a way of doing this in Webflow?

Help would be appreciated!



You can do this, but have to “think twice” about conditions which will call to this pop-up.

You can make it on load, can make on hover certain area (like when user going to close window).
But it will work EVERY TIME, and in Webflow, you can control closing this window, but can’t control when to stop this pop-up (for example, after user clicked once, or once in a day, etc.)


To add on to @sabanna 's comment, you’ll need to add a cookie when the user closes that modal.

Thanks for the advice!

But how do I actually do it?

Here is tutorial about creating “custome lightbox” [Tutorial] How to create a modal/pop-up in Webflow

Use same structure, just create another interaction for open it.

I need to know how to create this cookie functionality as well. I didn’t see the exact instructions for this. Do I add the cookie as an interaction to the close button on my pop up?

Judging by a quick Google search, you may need to do some javascripting to get this done:


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