How to maintain SEO ranking when redesigning a site

I have not come across this question or a guide before but its really important.
I’m at the stage where most beginners start, offering free re-design for outdated sites.

Due to their age these sites have often built up a good ranking for the keywords they use.
How can we do the best job at maintaining these SEO results that they have built up over the years ?.

Hi Zero,

Initially don’t remove too much of the copy they had previously, if anything add more but chunk it into smaller paragraphs for improved user experience and ensure you use good semantic markup of H tags so Google can understand the hierarchy of the copy/content on each page etc…

Ensure you configure the redeirects as [documented here].(

Create a sitemap and hookup Google Search Console.

Keep page load speed as fast as possible, optimise your images and videos to the most you can get without loosing too much quality.

You should be able to find some good videos for everything you need to action. Good luck.

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Thank you for that great reply. It should be enough to work from. It seems totally manageable.
I hope it helps others too as this part is something that is not mentioned often enough.

If there is a lot of content it could be placed under a tab menu Like a FAQ. That way the content on the page for google is mostly the same but it can be made a lot cleaner and streamlined in the redesign for the user.

Thanks for the answer.I had also came across this situation and was searching for a solution.