Site Redesign Best Practice for SEO

Hi guys,

Built my site in Webflow last year on a hurry since I wanted out of Squarespace.
I indeed made design mistakes, since I were not a developer (still not the case though), I want to address now.

Just wondering what are the best practice when redesigning a page without messing with SEO. Shall I duplicate the page, design it and then switch the in-site links or shall I stay on the original page, work on new hidden sections that would be visible when redesign is completed ?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The best idea is to duplicate the page (Or manually backup & make changes only on io).

After you complete all the changes (Keep in mind when you change classes it could change the design on other pages/elements) - then draft the old page + Change the Slug of the new page (Use the same Slug) and that’s it.

Anyway “messing with SEO” is too general (If your page content is “Top 10 running shoes” and you remove this content over time it could harm your page ranking on this term.

@Siton_Systems Thanks !
Basically the content will be the same, it’s only a design change that will occur.
I’ll follow your advice and work with slugs

Slugs is better (Safier + Easier to backup the old page). Great :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay! In my opinion, if you don’t change the content then it is better to change the design a little bit for bringing more authority from Google. Plus, it will also help your SEO. By the way, if you want to promote it and want some reliable services that will bring you results in a short time, I recommend SEO Services: They helped me a lot with my site when I thought that nobody could help and that it is a dead-end.