How to link buttons to Category Pages?

I’ve created a few buttons on my homepage that I want to link to corresponding Product Category Pages. I’ve already created the Categories Template page, however when I go into the settings of the buttons that I want to link to the category pages I cannot see any of the category pages I’ve created in the “Choose a page” drop down list. This is my first Ecommerce site and I’m not sure how to do this.

To link a button to CMS or Ecomm item page or category page, it needs to be inside of a CMS/ecomm context: a collection list or product list. So that you have the purple options in the link panel, and be able to link to “Current category” wich means the category of the context. By default, you’ll have those options everywhere in a template page because you are there in the context of a CMS / Ecomm item.

Hi Vincent,

I have been stuck with this issue for 3 hours.

I am struggling with understanding what you mean. Could you expand?