How to link blog post summary to full blog post

I figured out how to create the grid of blog posts, but I’ve watched the videos and still don’t know how to make the summary clickable to the full post.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @bethel99

I’m not sure your public share link is working – so can’t check the structure of your build – but seems like you’ve got the hang of using content from your collection in a nice grid, but just need to specify that part of that grid item needs to be a link. Whether you use a text link of the ‘read more’ variety or have the whole item clickable is then up to you. Just use the object best suited to the functionality you desire.

What I usually do is use a link block inside of my dynamic list item, which gives me more control over the hit area and other actions, then on this object just set its Link Settings to “A collection page detail” (the first page icon as seen below) and make sure the current collection page is chosen in the dropdown.

My collection here is called “White Papers” so the Page dropdown reads ‘current white paper’ whereas if your collection is called blog posts then it would read ‘Current blog post’. You can see how the same would work if you have a dynamic list connected to an Authors collection or whatever.

Hope that makes some sense.


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Thank you so much-It does make sense, I’m going to try it now.

Ok I need a little more help if you have a minute. I’m having trouble figuring out how to make the read more link go to its particular post instead of just the main blog page. Feel like there’s a big picture thing I’m totally doing wrong.
Thank you!

No problem, happy to help.

I still can’t access your public share link so I’m guessing at how your build is structured, but from the looks of your preview I’d say you added a button to the dynamic list element for your blog post grid?

If so, one way to do it is from in the designer view - click on any one of the summaries to select it, then in the right hand navigator tab click on the item that is your button. It might just show up as ‘Link’. On your design you should now see the button of the summary you selected showing up with the blue label ‘Link’ or something above it and a little white settings wheel displayed.

Click the settings wheel and you should get some link options in a little panel that looks like below…

It might default to show you the first icon options which is for external URLs. You don’t want that, so choose the next icon along that looks like a purple page in my screenshot. Thats the options which allow you to access what they call a ‘collection detail page’ - in plain english your blog post.

From the purple dropdown that says “Choose a detail page” just select the ‘Current…’ option and then when you preview you should find that hey presto you can link to the main blog post.

Let me know if that works or see if you can send your public share link through and I can take a look further.


Finally figured it out, thank you again!

Oh you’re welcome :smiley: Super glad it’s working for you now.

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Thank you for the question!i had the same problem and now I fix my problem in no time.

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