How to let the working board design in 1920px

when I’m working, the board just show a part of it, I can’t design the part that is hidden , even I try to change the size, the most largest board is 1145px

In the toggle preview, the board is seen fullscreen, but all objects still huge than my work in SKETCH

I’m a new user ,maybe that question seems stupid ,BUT I have seen a lot of videos that don’t have any one can solve my problem ,PLEASE HELP ME:((

On a 4K screen I get 2600 px width. What is your screen resolution?

Note: You can’t zoom in an out like you can in sketch.

Thanks for your response, my laptop is macbook pro 15".

I know I can’t zoom in and out in Webflow, because it is on website.
I didn’t do that in Webflow, it is 100% on my website.

I don’t understand why the broad is hidden like that and seems huge.

Can you share a read only link to your project?

Here you go:

I’m not sure that see my project will know the problem.
I think that problem is on my web interface.

This is what I want to design.
Though numerical value is same, but so different in Webflow.

I think you may be struggling with fixed position assets in sketch versus web layouts where the viewport is dynamic and the effect of the Box model. Maybe starting with some of the courses in the University would help you along. No way for me to gauge your knowledge. If I am wrong, I apologize in advance.

The only visual issue that I saw off the bat was your brand element has nothing inside it / no dimensions, so it would not be visible in preview. Give it dimensions or add something to it.

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My brand element has nothing inside ,because my user interface seems very different than official videos of Webflow ,that I don’t even know how to start.
I’ll try another approach to the matter.
Thank you so much for having patience to solve my problem and giving knowledge to me.
My appreciation is beyond expression.