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How to get 100% scale on 1920px?

Hi all,

it’s probably very stupid issue but i just struggle too much.

i would like to put 100% scale on the 1920px but it juts not working? DO you know why it still lock at 75,8%?


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You mean here?
If yes your actual screen needs to be wide enough to show 1920 plus the editor controls so if its not the editor zooms in else you wont see the full page design.
If your question is something else then let me know.

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hi thx and sorry for my bad english,

I dont get why, when I publish it, I have some issue that I can see in the designer, no matter wich break point I put.

FOr example That heading overflow that border when I publish it but I can’t see the same problem in the designer, even by changing resolution

You have a lot of elements set to relative and I do not see why.
I would change section 2 to be a relative so div block can relate to it.
That might fix your current problem.

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i have made the change and for sure the code is now cleaner but it still haven’t fix my issue.

i just dont get why, if my designer is fix to 1920 100% it just not show the same when i open it in my browser with a1920px screen

I do not see the changes in the editor, you may need to share it again.
I can publish changes so its hard for me to resolve.
My suggestion is to remove changes you made 1 at a time until you find one that has caused it.
Duplicate the page and work on that duplicate so you do not break anything.
Sorry can’t be of more help, if it was showing in the designer I could. :frowning:

sorry here it is

I guess the problem come from the zoom of my browser… i use firefox…but with chrome everything is alright now

thx for ur kind advices :wink:

Splendid. That is good news you found it.