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How to launch? Subdomain or custom domain

I know this is a stupid question and Im sure its out there somewhere but either I just keep missing it or not understanding. I have a site built ready to luanch. The question is, is all I need to do is hit publish on the subdomain or is that more for temporary use, and I need to buy a domain and publish to the custom domain? I’ve seen the videos on how to do that Im just unsure of which to use. Also do some features not work if you do not publish to custom. I have the lite plan and no site plan as of yet. It is the reason I ask. Forgive my ignorance please.

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Hey @Eric_Atkinson

The Webflow subdomain is your staging environment where you can test and try new things before publishing to your main domain.

If you want a custom domain you need to buy it > add hosting to the site > publish to your custom domain. I will suggest using godaddy for your custom domain because Webflow has really nice automatic domain connection.

All features work on the subdomain and custom domain.

Hope this makes sense. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions.

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