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ZOHO Forms integration


I’m a Muse developer evaluating webflow as a potential replacement down the road. I’m obviously just using the free plan until I can determine if this is going to be a suitbale replacement.
I use ZOHO Creator forms a great deal in my sites to provide Lead generation, CRM updates etc. In Muse you just drop in the embed code and it works. I noticed webflow has an embed component but it is disabled for free plans.

Does anyone have any experience embedding ZOHO forms into webflow? Essentially, does it work? Does webflow hinder communication between the form and the ZOHO DB?


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Hi @heyitsdoug,

FIrst off, I use Zoho with a Wordpress site and use Webflow into Salesforce site.

This should be quite similar, with the following tools below:

  1. Integrate Webflow To ZOHO CRM zap.

  2. Integrate Webflow Subscriptions to ZOHO CRM email campaign. (if you use e-mail sub on your site)

  3. Integrate Webflow to Zoho Recruit (For your job application pages)

  4. Integrate Webflow to Invoice (If you want transaction invoices to send invoice emails to your clients and customers)

If you are already a regular ZOHO and Webflow user, integration is fairy straight forward and easy. All you need are credentials.

But as with anything, you should do 3 rounds of testing to verify everything is running smoothly. Validate your tests with webflow forms and your email notifications and make sure your test line up with CRM timecodes.

Zapier should be a short term solution. For long term solution, consult with your developer to hardcode leads/sales/subscriptions into your ZOHO CRM.

Alternatively, if you have a webflow ‘Free Plan’ I’m not sure what the form restrictions are, however if you have e-mail Notifications and Webflow Forms, you should have no problem with Zapping.

Did you try also a very nice alternative…

Good stuff! Thanks miekwave. I’ve looked at Zapier and it seems pretty robust. I still need to look into Webflow forms a bit more but the reason I use ZOHO Forms is because I can code it’s behavior. Such as field/form validation, if/then results, data element hide/show, calcs, fetches etc. I don’t see that capability within Webflow (and quite frankly, wouldn’t expect it). JotForm is another tool I use but now I am back to the whole iframe/embed issue.

Really liking Webflow as a whole. I’ve never used it before and I already recreated a one-page scroller of a client’s company in about 3 hours. Took me a full day in muse! Responsive behavior was/is always a bit hit or miss in muse but webflow handles it nicely. I’ll upgrade to a paid plan so I can experiment with the embed component as well.

Anyway, thanks again. I will check out zapier.

Thanks Koen,
Going to look into Typeform today as well.


You can embed zoho forms through embed html link, but it’s not so flexible concerning the layout

It is however possible now to import webflow forms directly into zoho, through zoho flow.
I’ve just setup a flow which imports the data from a custom webflow form into CRM, creating a task for sales person and notifying people through mail or chat.