Importing data from Webflow forms to EnrolPro CRM


Before posting, I did research on integrating the external CRM into the webflow, but couldn’t find the possible solution, as my client wants to save all the data collected from the webflow forms to their own EnrolPro CRM, is this possible in webflow to do that or not?

Any suggestions will be helpful!.

Thank you.

@Prerita_Gupta great question! It looks like there is not an integration available to pass information from Webflow forms to EnrolPro at this time unless they have an embeddable form with a POST method action link to port the data from your Webflow forms directly to EnrolPro.

If they support a CSV upload format then you may be able to configure a Zap to post Webflow form data to a Google sheet, then manually upload the CSV on a regular basis to EnrolPro.

Thank you, for the reply. Maybe need to create the Zap to upload the data to the database. Hope this will help!