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How to integrate one CMS collection into another

Hello all,

Starting out on Webflow, and while I’ve perused the FAQ and forums quite extensively, I have yet to find an answer to the problem I’m facing.

In short, I am looking to create a website with categories and sub-categories associated to each of them them. The URL pattern will hopefully look like this by the time it is done:

Is this at all possible via Webflow ? So far I’ve only figured out how to produce a CMS collection which gives, which is somewhat limiting in my current design.

Thanks for any help or tips on the matter.


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Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

  • Create a collection list (A) with all the subcategories
  • Create a collection list (B) with the categories
  • Use a multi-reference field in collection B to reference the subcategories
  • Create a collection list (C) with items (e.g. blogposts) that can reference a subcategory and / or category

I don’t think it’s possible to auto-generate that URL pattern with the CMS, but I might be wrong about that.

Does this help?

Hi Robert, thanks for the feedback. I was wondering whether something of that style might be possible using the multi-reference field. I will try it out with a few tests and see whether that solves my problem.