How to increase the speed of the anchor?

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Useful extract:

You can change that speed by using custom attributes.

By the data-scroll-time custom attribute on the tag, it will affect all scroll operations on the page.

By setting it on individual elements that you’re scrolling to, it will affect the smooth scroll to that element spcifically.

So you can set one default scroll speed for all links on the page by adding the custom attribute on the , and override that setting by adding other values directly to the targeted elements.

Here’s how to add a custom attribute. Select your target element or the , go to the Settings Tab and add an attribute and its value in the Custom Attributes section.

Here are values you can set for the data-scroll-time attribute, and what they mean in terms of duration:

  • data-scroll-time = 0 will scroll immediately to the element with no delay.
  • data-scroll-time = 0.75 will scroll a little faster than the default (750ms)
  • data-scroll-time = 1 will scroll just as fast as usual (1000ms)
  • data-scroll-time = 1.25 will scroll a little slower than the default (1250ms)
  • data-scroll-time = 2 will scroll twice as slow as usual
  • data-scroll-time = 20 will enable TurtleMode™