Any easy way to adjust "scroll to anchor" speed?

Hi Webflow -

In my dropdown menu I have some anchor links…
If you click “INTEGRATED” the scroll to anchor goes a bit fast.
would like to slow it down / add a bit of grace. Any (easy) thoughts?

Here is my public share link:


You can adjust the speed using these values. Select your body, go to Settings panel and move down to “custom attributes”. Type in data-scroll-time in the Name field and then set the value in the Value field.

data-scroll-time = 0 - will scroll immediately to the element with no delay.
data-scroll-time = 0.75 - will scroll a little faster than the default
data-scroll-time = 1 - will scroll just as fast as usual
data-scroll-time = 1.25 - will scroll a little faster than the default
data-scroll-time = 2 - will scroll twice as slow as usual
data-scroll-time = 20 - will enable TurtleMode™ (@callmevlad) :wink:


Hi Steve -
I think I follow you…
but wouldn’t this effect scrolling throat the page?
I only want to adjust specific anchor scrolls…
in this case, Anchor Scrolls on my Homepage, and Anchor Scrolls in my menu/nav.
(these would be on every page)

Is your method still the right way to go?

Okay, yes, setting it on the body will affect your entire website. I haven’t tried it yet, but you can probably set in on individual links using the same principle as for your body (the description in my first post).

really appreciate the help.
think my problem may be related to the depth of the scroll and the amount of images and GIFs rolling by. In other words – may never be happy with it. But again – big thanks.

At least I learned a new trick. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome mate! :slight_smile:


is there a simple way to also add a delay to the scrolling interaction? i would like to fire an interaction first and then scroll to the desired section.

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