Internal Links Transition Speed

Since I’m new to Webflow I can’t find a way to increase the speed of the scroll transition that by default seems too slow to my UX taste.

You can check on my live example at by clicking the down arrow.

Hi @Zlate, does this article help? Customize Webflow Anchor Scrolling Behavior/Speed

Thanks @cyberdave. It helps. At least I realised that it goes by default with Webflow and there is no way to change it, unless you change it manually in the exported code. But since I’m on the Micro plan, I don’t have an option to write custom code, so I guess I have no other option. Unless I understood incorrectly.

Excuse me, @Zlate, but I think you got it not correct.

You can add this parameter like attribute setting.

Add this attribute to the section or div, which link is pointing.
To me works good :blush:

Good luck

Oh, if that solves things then I’m happy. However, I tried, but I get a weird behaviour that I end up not even possible to manually scroll. :smile:

Hi @Zlate, customers on the Micro plan can use custom code :slight_smile: Regarding the issue where you could not scroll at all, check that the body is not set to overflow hidden.

If you are still having issues, Could you share the site read-only link: and a screenshot of the element you are apply the data-scroll-time attribute to. :smile:


Hi, is the data-scroll-time attribute still working? Can’t get it to work.

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