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Jump to anchor link rather than scroll

Is it possible to have an in-page anchor link jump directly to a section rather than scrolling through other sections?

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I found this related article:

I tried adding the line “data-scroll-time = 0” to custom code body but nothing changed. Is there additional code I need to include? Am I entering the code in the correct spot?

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Hey there,
to make this work, as callmevlad mentioned in the post you referenced, you can “set the data-scroll-time attribute on your body tag” - this is in the designer itself.

To set an attribute select the body using the navigator tab in the designer, then go to the settings tab and click on the plus button for custom attributes, enter the data (shown below)

Note: you can affect anchor scrolling speed on just one anchor instead by adding this attribute to the related element instead.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


you can also jump directly to the link. but it requires the full path to the
page including the domain name and folder

ie: http:/

This work well if you have multiple pages and want ot jump to something on a different page.
say for example - a contact form or a map


That did the trick! Thanks so much. I’ve never used the custom attributes panel before. Very helpful.

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This makes total sense. I’ve used this many times to jump to anchors on separate pages but never considered it for an in-page anchor. Thanks!

Really glad it helped @Port_of_Folio! Yes, it can be a very handy panel :slight_smile:

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