How can I limit access to direct image URLs in my CSS files?

I’ve password protected a few pages on client sites but noticed that image assets, in particular the slider module, can be directly accessed through Inspect Element and combing through the CSS file. Is there any way to prevent that on Webflow hosted sites?

I know this can be achieved if you’re hosting outside of Webflow. You would need to add an .htaccess file to your sites folder (search google for tutorial).

If you’re hosting with Webflow, I would suggest searching online for a jquery or vanilla javascript scrip that will redirect the user to another page when the correct password is entered.

Hi @cheeyoon general site css is not displayed or accessible on password protected sites, can you give an example of a site that is password protected where you are able to look at the css for the password protected pages?

There is a css file used for the password page, but it is not the same as the css used for the other site pages.

I tested this behavior on a project with password protection and was unable to view the site images etc in the css, so I would be interested to know how you are viewing the page.

Once you have provided the password for the page, you will then be shown the CSS and you will see the linked css file in the html head change.

I hope this helps, if not, contact our support at