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How to hide big images on edge of website

Hi guys,
I am stuck with an image that I want to appear at the background.Probably the solution is easy but I am struggling with it more than two hours and now I am ready to start hitting my head in the wall.

So, what I want is to add an image in the background of a section of the site.Please take a look at the attachment…
What I tried is:

  1. Make the image a background of div. and the put this div in the holder where the rest of the text is, then played with the margin and the image doesn’t cover the text but the a terrible horizontal scroll appears…

  2. I tried to put the image as background of the of the holder where the text is but then I get the attached result.

What I want is to make the image(the one with the 3 images) be a part of the background and visitors can view particular part of it depending on their monitor screen- if the monitor is wide they see entire if it’s narrower they see only part of it and there is no scroll.
I hope my explanations make sense.

Please guys help, I am desperate :slight_smile:

Hey buddy, can you post a Public link (you can activate it in your site settings). That will help us see how you have it set up and how to fix it.

Hi thesergie,
thanks a lot for your help.You save me ass for second time, previous time you helped me again :slight_smile: I really appreciate it.
I guess you need this.

On the home page you will see the issue when I use that appears with the scroller:

and on the “industry leaders” you can see the problem when I use it as baground"

Here is perfect example of I want to do:
Notice how different area form the browser image on left side is visible depending of the width of the monitor- if it’s smaller you see smaller part of the image on the left if you open the page on bigger screen you see the entire image.

Thanks again

Sure thing @kpp0209. What you have to do is set Overflow to Hidden on your section. Then the elements inside will not push outside.

If some day I have kids I will name first of them on you :slight_smile: It worked thank you so much.