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Background + content = big problem

Hi guys! Now I’m making a site( ) for my client and I ran into a problem. He wants the background foto to be full and uncut on all monitors. At first it seemed simple enough, but I ran into a problem:

  1. I create a section height 1080
  2. I load the background for my section.
  3. In the settings I put “cover”. It will make “full backround” with all monitors and won’t cut it horizontally.
    And then there is a problem. If I reduce the size of the monitor, then all of the content that was below my section falls very far.
    I’ve tried all the settings for the date, but nothing helps.
    Tell me how I can tie the rest of the content to the bottom of my first section.
  4. Settings “Contain” do not help because the monitor 1920 have white stripes appear on the right and left
  5. I tried to put the auto size of section, but then my background disappeared.
    Good proportions on the 1920:
    Bad proportions on the little monitor:

Hasn’t it been solved now? to meet it looks like this


In the live version.

If it’s because that its a problem with this part of the images being cut off :

Then you can simply fix it by setting the position Preset under background settings to Bottom :



Hope it helps.

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Hi! Thank you very much for your answer but it is not a solution.
If I put a “Cover” he cuts the photo on the right and the left. And my client would want that image was uncutted.

The problem now is that if I put “contain” and adjust the size of the section on auto, then my picture somewhere disappears. I do not know why.

If I put the settings on a minimum 768 pixels that appear white stripes on the right and left of the image.

And if I put the settings on minimum 1080 when reducing the screen image is reduced but remains part of the working section 1080 and creates a long white space.

My job is to make the size of the section automatically but then the picture disappears somewhere.
The main question is “where is photo”? And how to fix this problem?
Please help me =)