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How do you make email form enquiries receive as separate emails

I have received 3 different email enquiries from 3 different people but they have all come through in the same email as its being received from the same address.

Is there any way to receive each form email separately??

Please help


@cyberdave are you able to help me with this one? :slight_smile:

Are these emails originating from form submission from your webflow website?

yes correct @PixelGeek

I understand they are being received from the same address but is there any way to receive them as individual emails?
because they have the same subject name they are stacking up in one email like replies?


Anyone please help?
@PixelGeek @cyberdave

Hi @lizard, at the moment this is not possible to send separate emails, but you can customize the sitename and formname variables in the subject line of the notification. This may not however solve your immediate issue.

Another option is to look at gmail filtering, check out this post:

And a couple of related wish-list items:

We also support Zapier integration for your form data, so you can submit your form data into other applications and manage the data there:


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