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Using drop down forms to select email address to send form

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to incorporate a drop down that will change where a form submission is sent. For my form, I want the user to be able to select a store location to send their email to so that inquiries for one store aren’t sent to the other. Any ideas on how to incorporate this?

Another idea would be to set up 2 forms in modal windows but still, can webflow set a target email so that certain forms are sent to one address and others sent to another?


At the moment we don’t support setting different email addresses for different forms on the site, but it’s something we want to build eventually.

You can however create two different custom form actions that will point to two different mailchimp lists if that works.

Could I do that with a drop down and have each selection send it to a different mailchimp or would I have to do 2 separate forms? Thanks

You would have to use two different forms because when you click Submit, that information is sent to location server.

But even if you have two different forms they cannot be set up separately, right?

You can make tabs with forms. Like if you click Store1 you will be given Store 1 form. Click Store2 and you will have form for another store. I could help you with that code.

Thanks Bartosz, that would be awesome. Ideally I would like to create something like whats on under the how can webflow help you section. Sergie said it was custom bootstrap code which is far outside my comfort level. Anything you can help with would be awesome!

I also had the idea of using 2 separate modals that would contain the forms. What do you think?


@DFink We’re releasing a feature that will allow you to do something like this without coding. You can wait a couple weeks or you can go with @bartekkustra’s jQuery solution.

Hey guys,

Yes Bartosz, with 2 forms that would toggle between the two and apparently use mailchimp to get them to submit separately.

Sergie, that would be awesome and if it really were going to be only a couple of weeks, i could wait. Will you support multiple form destinations as well or just the tab style sections? Is this really that close to being done? I don’t want to tell my client and make him wait more than a couple weeks.


I’m referring to the tab-style sections, not the multiple form emails. We don’t have an ETA for that yet.

Hi Sergie, do you have an ETA for when this feature might be up and running? My client really needs this feature - can you have all forms submit to 2 email addresses by chance?