Text loop scroll

Hey everybody, new here! I am super excited to join the Webflow community! I love using Webflow and although the learning curve is super steep and countless days where I have pulled my hair out of frustration, getting the result I want is such a good feeling. I have been watching a few Webflow University videos and they have been super helpful coming from someone who really doesn’t know anything about front-end. I chose Webflow because I wanted to publish something without having to resort to researching different Javascript frameworks, learning languages, etc. But besides the point, I have an urgent question to ask. I have been looking at Webflow websites to give me inspiration and there is one website where I wanted to replicate a specific task. I have spent countless hours trying to figure it out and I am super lost. Every google search results in something that is not what I want (I keep seeing infinite marquee text scroll). It is a text loop scroll almost like a menu selection screen where I can scroll and the text becomes “active”. Here is a website that replicates the action: https://www.independentmediainc.com/

So far I have replicated the layout fine, I have a div block that starts at 50% of the width. I just don’t understand how I can scroll and have things change. I know this has to do with interactions and I have done some things very similar, but this type of behavior is different. Previously I have made active texts that light up and dim depending on what div block is active on the screen currently. But for this task, I do not have div blocks that “move”. I will also state that I have never worked with a fixed 100vh 100vw “non-scrollable” body before. Please let me know how I could replicate this! Looking forward to your answers. Thanks in advance!

I would also like to add on that I would love to figure out how to auto-scroll when the user does not interact with the scroll. Thanks again!