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How to get collections used for multi reference to NOT show up in google searches

Sometimes I make collections specifically to be used as a multi-reference filtering functionality in other collections. The problem is that this collection also get a public collection url that will be indexed by Google if the Auto-generate Sitemap function in Webflow is used.

Of course I can make a custom sitemap.xml file excluding these collections, but then this must be manually updated in the future. What if there could be an option in the collection settings to exclude it from the automatic site map list?



I thought this would just be a one-off thing per collection? It’s almost the same amount of effort as clicking two buttons.

Yes, excluding the collection I do not want listed in the sitemap is a one-off thing, but if I’m using a manually generated sitemap, it has to be updated every time the site structure is changes in the future. What if the customer adds content that he would like to show up in the sitemap?

Not a big problem, but a function for excluding a collection/page from the auto generated sitemap would ensure an always updated sitemap, but exclude the things you do not want to show.

Is there an answer for this? :pray: Would love to keep my reference collections out of google search, but I have no idea how to code for that.

Hi @NCmar NCmar

I found out that leaving the collection template page empty (body only) apparently will exclude the page from the sitemap, and the URL result in an 404.

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Great! Thanks for the update Christoffer :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: