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Use CMS Collections content but not publish page url?

I’m building out some testimonial modules that would be placed on various pages and would love to fill them using the CMS collections list, as this would be easier for our content person to add/update new content.

Maybe I don’t fully understand how collections work, but I don’t want collections page url to be visible to the public or get published if possible.

Can I use the functionality without having a page url?

Welcome to the forum @Brenton_Rawlinson :slight_smile: . No, there’s no way for the collection not to have a URL. You can always add a bit of code to stop it being crawled by google. That stops the page show up in google’s search results.
It’s also possible to exclude the page from being found through your website search. That’s just a switch you toggle on/off in the collection template page settings.
Once those are done, there’s a very slim chance people will find the pages :slight_smile:

Oh gosh, I did not notice that in the template settings >.< apologies. Thanks @sarahfrison

Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here :slight_smile:

Hi @sarahfrison @Brenton_Rawlinson.

Do you know if CMS collection pages are automatically added to the XML sitemap?

I would also like to use CMS collections to make managing items like customer logos, testimonials, product features, etc without each having it’s own page (at least visible).