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How to get blog posts to filter by category on /blog page

I am trying to create this design as on this website:

I love how he has created the categories and when you click each tab it brings up the corresponding blog posts in each category.

How has he created this i cant figure out how to do it (his website is on web flow too), from what i can see when i inspect the code i don’t think he has used an integration or plugin, i may be wrong though.

Very new to web flow btw.

Hi @nyr2012, welcome to the forum and your first post.

A popular way to build a filtering solution in Webflow is to use Finsweet’s free CMS library filter. Documented well, with lots of examples.

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Thanks for the response.
I was trying to stay away from plugins etc as that’s the reason I moved from WordPress. Surely there should be a native way to do this on Webflow, seems like a simple design request? I would think that any website builder would have this option?

Looking for the original site I mentioned i don’t think he has used any plugins for this (but im only inspecting element), so must have found a way to do it?


Webflow does not have a plugin architecture. It allows you to run custom code (Javascript) to do things that you can’t do with HTML. Dynamically displaying elements based on a users interaction with other elements requires JavaScript. The library I pointed you to makes it easy to do that and is robust. You could alternately write your own code and functions. Good luck with your project.

Thank you for your input, I appreciate your help.
My apologies I thought you referred me to a plugin, i will have a look at that tutorial and try to implement it on my blog page :slight_smile: