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How to get 1st rank with space between your dns?

Hi community,

I have a dns that are something like agencedelalune(fictional name). If you tap it directly on google my website is the first link. But google suggest users to tap it with space agence de la lune and in this case im not even index in google.

How can I be ranked 1st when users tap agence de la lune?

Can it help/solve the problem if I purchase the dns

Im in a rush so I think of making a google ads campaign. Is it a good idea?
I think i have low competition on the keyword i ll use

thx all :slight_smile:

There are many factors that determine the ranking of a site in the SERP’s and better left to Google and the vast array of quality SEO sites than a forum topic. I suggest you start at Google Search Central, then spend some time at other top ranked pages.

Running a brand campaign is pretty much always a good idea. It potentially gives you 2x + the real estate in the SERPS. Make sure to use Google Business as well if available.

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