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Styling an Email Submission with Email Template

Hi everyone,

I’m gearing up to create a website for a small franchise. The forms that will be used will require them to go to separate locations and I’ve already found the solution for that. However I do want them to be formatted cleanly instead of the simple way web flow automatically sends it. I’m wondering if it’s possible to use HTML to format the form’s Data cleanly and effectively so the locations will get a nice, neat, and pretty email rather than just plain text.

I know the available variables are: siteName, formName, formData and formDashboardUrl. But I’m just wondering if my code allow me to go a bit deeper into the form data.

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows the answer!

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You can’t do any of that from within webflow. You’d have to send the form data through another server that can pull that data and put it into a format you like. I’d suggest using a 3rd party form service that has this built in instead of using webflow forms honestly.

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Hey @Marvel773e great question! :smiley: Have you had a chance to look into a Zapier Integration for your Webflow site forms?

With Zapier you can push your form data (Name, options, text etc.) directly into a an HTML e-mail template and have the e-mail sent to a designated recipient. :smiley:

Awesome, I’ll look into Zapier for sure. Thanks to both of you for the help!

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