How to fix slow loading? Goes white and then loads

No animations or triggers from what I can tell. Why does this wait to load for a second every time?

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Hi @ColinKeeley,

This white screen is being caused by Google Optimize. You can test this by removing the tag from Project Settings > Integrations > Google Optimize and see if it fixes the issue.

Google Optimize causes the slow load times because of the way they built the implementation. The way that Google Optimize has built this integration is so that the anti flicker code can work in the background to populate your data while the site loads content.

If you are looking to manage the implementation without using Webflow to add the code so that you can control as you prefer, then Iā€™d recommend removal of the Google Optimization from your Project Settings, and then implement it with your own code in the project code section (remove the Google Optimize from your project settings).

You can then implement it with your own optimize code in the project with custom code. Here is some information on how to implement custom code into your Webflow project:

Hope this helps!

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Amazing - fixed thanks!