How to fix 502 bad gateway crash

Tried opening one of my webflow sites in the designer mode. Get the pop up message: Site migration failed. Please refresh your page. When trying to load the screen. When I refresh the page. I get a 502 bad gateway error. Is webflow down, as before I was trying to publish and update webpage and it wouldnt fully publish.


Same here. I think there’s a partial outage. The status page isn’t aware yet:

I’m getting the same in Bristol, UK

Saving / publishing issues here.

some hours of work gone here as well…
wouldn’t start designing at the moment - you can’t save it

been happening for a few. cannot even open now.

Glad I’m not the only one here dealing with this.

Same here! And the worst part is that now when i enter to dashboard, it shows me that i dont have any sites… time to scream?


I am also receiving this on my site!

Same, annoying as me and my co worker need to finalize our site and present today. Hopefully webflow and fix whatever’s going on on their side.

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Also having this and some other problems (no sites on dashboard, not publishing,…)

Glad to know I’m not the only one.

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Guess it’s somewhat fully down now. Over the past hour was able to still edit and refresh the page, but now accessing the designer is just a permanent 502 for me.

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Same problem here too!

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It is happening to me too. My class all have an assignnment due in Friday on Webflow…

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Same here on my end. @WebflowAdmins can we get an update on this?

Seems to be working for me now.

Same here, dashboard and designer are working on my end.

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Hey everyone,

We apologize for the inconvenience, we had an incident earlier today that is now resolved.