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Webflow Problem → 502 Gateway

Hey there.
Webflow is extremely slow today, I can’t even access the designer.
Any idea of what’s happening ?

Same here, was working fine all morning for me in UK, then about 20 mins ago, it’s gone laggy and won’t log in now!

same here. can’t save my last changes :disappointed:

same here, I’ve been waiting for 10 mins to load a page and nothing…

same here. Im in Montevideo, Uruguay

Germany too. no connection anymore.

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Well, looks like my weekend starts earlier. :wink:

Must be a sign for me to go home today since it’s my birthday! Lol


@tkwebreform @Quantumgo lol, that’s the spirit ;-D

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Happy Birthday!

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@Quantumgo Happy birthday! :birthday:

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@vincent and @SidneyOttelohe thank you! :smiley:

What a small cake Sid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like the servers went down… I get “502 Bad Gateway” when I try to access webflow.

Is there an estimate to fix it?

Look at the post from @bryant, it’s a ddos attack on dns servers and that affect the access to the AWS servers where webflow is hosted. To my understanding all the servers are fine, but the dns servers can’t tell anyone where they are.

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Anyone else experiencing a 502 error?
I’m trying to open Webflow and I’m getting this error:

I’m experiencing it to.

I am getting the same message here in Brazil.

+1 same issue for me