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How to find the CMS dashboard?

I have CMS plan (16$) - and create blog. works great.

This feature (dashboard for cms) is only avaiable for another plan? (i dont find this Feature in my site - all of this white admin)?

What i missing her?

Hi this video is from 2015 and maybe that was a preview and the wording needs to be updated (ping @Waldo)

The dashboard is called the Editor. When you add a collaborator to the CMS, he receives a link to it. But you, as the designer of the site, you have access to it by clicking the Editors links at several places.

In the designer, top left, the menu propose to jump to it:

From the site’s Settings, the top right buttons:

The editor looks just like the site, with a bottom bar and inline tools as the video shows.

Cool thing: in the Settings, you can substitute the Webflow logo of the bottom of the editor by the logo of your client, for free. It’s a nice little detail that will make your client feels at home.

Hi. When i try (i am the admin) to click on this button i get this error: