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How to access the Editor of a CMS Webflow website?


Is the editor only installable through the invite from the dashboard? Or is there a dedicated download page where my clients can install the browser plugin so they can edit their site?

If they already have a login for the editor it’s a bit confusing using the invite function since that’s mainly for new users being added.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Johan,

There is no plugin needed, the Editor works for sure in Chrome and Safari, on any published CMS/Ecommerce site. (And probably on Firefox although Firefox support is still in beta, so it’s not advisable to give that to clients just yet).

The Editor is reachable just with a URL parameter, that’s the same for every site. You just have to add ?edit to the url of the site.

For example: can be edited on can be edited on

Just add ?edit, refresh, and wait a couple of seconds for the bottom menu to appear.

This is just wonderful! Thanks a ton Vincent

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