How do I Combine Blog Posts and Newsletter Posts through Categories?

I am trying to bring blog posts and newsletter posts together on the category page - but am getting stuck in doing so. Here is what I’ve done:

CMS Collection - Blog categories
CMS Collection - Blog Post > Reference field > Blog Categories (repeated 6 times, so a blog post can appear in up to 6 different categories)
CMS Collection - Newsletter Post > Reference field > Blog Categories (repeated 6 times, so a newsletter post can appear in up to 6 different categories)

Category template page - references the blog post categories…

Where I’m stuck: How do I get the Newsletter posts to appear alongside the blog post categories on the Category template page where the categories are the same?

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If you want to see both blog posts and newsletter posts appear on the category page, you need to add a second collection list to the page, with the second one bound to the newsletter posts.

You can duplicate your current collection list, unbind all of the contents, change the binding of the collection, and re-bind all of its contents to the appropriate newsletter fields.

Then you have two separate collection lists.

If you want to merge them together in some say, you could use Finsweet’s CMS combine.


Blog posts and newsletters are awfully similar. I might have built this a one collection containing both, and you have a Type field where you can distinguish for various conditional styling options.

This makes sense if you’re wanting to display them in a combined list view, but of course you only get one slug e.g. /blog/*

There are other considerations too… RSS, structured data, content gating, etc.

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It’s hard to understand what you mean by “appear alongside the blog post categories” but…

The simplest approach is to just add a second Collection List element with your newsletter posts and filter like you did with the blog posts.

Choose a flex or grid layout so they are side-by-side.

This is exactly what I am looking for - to merge the collections.

Yes, there are similarities between the collections - but in my case are best kept separate.

Thanks very much for your help, @memetican!

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