Show Related Blog Posts in STATIC page

Hello, I hope to find some help here. I am currently building a blog, and I want to create a “related articles” area under another in the homepage which is static. However I couldn’t find a way to actually filter these 3 articles according to the actual category of the article above. This could be done manually everytime I post an article, but if there is an automatic way, this would save me a lot of time. Is there a solution please ? Thank you

Here’s the picture of what Im talking about:

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Nested collection lists are fairly limited. I can’t tell through the readonly link however IIRC filtering and sorting options aren’t really available on nested lists.

Your best bet for this arrangement would likely be a multiref field that lists “related” items for each article, and lists those, then bind your nested collection list to that and you can show up to 5 items.

The category approach you’re describing can likely only be done using custom code, but double-check the filtering options on the nested list to be sure. If you can filter the items to “Category is Current Category”, that’s what you want.

Hey thank you, I’ve done what you said and it works. I added a multiref field list named “related” to the blog posts collection, and added the related posts to each articles. Now it only shows the articles related to the actual article above.