Dynamic Select Field with more than 100 items

Inside a multistep form I have two SELECT FIELDS which need to take their content from two different collections. Both collections will have more than 100 items meaning that there is also a pagination issue.

I tried to solve this using some codes from Finsweet (one to show the collection items in the Select Fields and one to bypass the 100 items limit) but, despite they work well separately, they don’t work together.

You can see the result in the ‘postcode’ step of the form.

Let me know if you know how to solve this.
Thanks for your help!!

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Yes you can, however the collection-list-stitching is a fairly inelegant approach. If your lists are going to grow as well, you’ll end up with deeper issues as you keep hitting those 100-item list boundaries.

What are you looking at in terms of list item counts, and growth? If your lists are reasonable and fairly stable, I might have an easy hack for you to accomplish what you’re after.

Alternately if you can store those in e.g. Google Sheets or some external source, there are options there as well.

Hey Michael! Thanks for your message.

Both collections will grow as items will be added.
What I am after is a CMS populated Select field with 500 to 1000 items. Also, it would be very important for the user to be able to type to quickly find the option.

How would you go about this?

You should not use a select with more than 50 items, use an input with autocomplete search

Thanks, how do you do that? What about the 100 items limit?

Javascript is your friend: How To Create Autocomplete on an Input Field (w3schools.com). And for the limit, you have first to load all the items asyncly and then fill the array

I can have a go. But is it possible to fill the array with items from a collection?

Sure you can with javascript

Yes, as you can assume by my replies I’m not great with codes. Any chance you have a Webflow example I can ‘copy’ from?

No I don’t have any cloneable, if you don’t have basics of js knowledge you should hire a dev :sweat_smile: code must be tailored for your case

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Let me know if you are available to work on this!

Well if Webflow worked fine I could, but this morning Webflow refuses to even open, but I’m not a freelancer, I work in an agency, you can ask for a quote from here Custom Project | Udesly Studio

I just need a quick consultation. I am not going trough an agency for this. Let me know if you can help

Well then no, I’m not available, I’m not a freelancer

Hey Alesso, just saw your message.

500-1000 is a lot of items, and you’d be consuming 10 of your collection lists on the page[s] with this feature. Not ideal. As a data source, I’d step away from the CMS if possible and use something external. If there is a compelling need to use the CMS, like that it’s linked to other records that are needed in the form flow, you can do it but just be aware of the big downsides.

In terms of the UI, a select list is fairly useless, because users would have to scroll a huge distance. A better option might be jQuery autocomplete.

You might want to look at https://select2.org/ which supports data sources like remote JSON API’s. JQuery is already loaded on WF sites as of now.