How to edit Agencieos template?

hi guys
could anyone help me - i need to edit this template and i really don’t know how to get to the point of publishing Demo 3 as a live website.

many thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Welcome to the community @Svilen_Georgiev!

I noticed you already posted a comment in the Support tab on the template page, however I’d also recommend you reach out to the developer, Fouroom, via their email (linked at the bottom of that same page) or via their website below:

Since they developed the theme, they will be the best resource for any support :+1:

Hi Mike

Thank you so much for reaching out, and trying to help me with this issue.

Unfortunately, he is not responding. It looks to me that he would respond only once - if you want to clarify something else, he would not bother to reply at all.

I know how to work with the Designer and Editor - the thing I am not quite sure of is how to trim the Template to Demo3 without creating additional problems.

Thanks for the extra info and sorry to hear they aren’t being too helpful in terms of support.

Admittedly I don’t really work with templates as I develop all of my sites from scratch, although I took a peek at the template in the Designer and it looks like each “demo” site is included within it’s own folder with the necessary structure contained within it:

Before you start, I’d recommend duplicating the project so you have an unmodified copy of the template to revert back to if needed. Once you’ve got a backup, you can move all the pages out of the parent folder to clean up the URL structure and either remove all other folders for the “demos” you don’t need (to keep it limited to only elements/interactions/classes that you’re using). If you’d rather keep that extra content for use later, you can move any additional demos to their own folder and unpublish the pages so they don’t show up or get indexed by search engines.

Not sure if that answers your question, but it should give you a place to start! If you run into any issues or have questions, I’d be happy to do my best to answer them :+1: