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How to duplicate or add e-commerce pages to offer my products in different languages


I’m building an e-commerce site for our company, to sell language camps in Europe. We need to sell the products (language camps) in two languages (German and English). When it comes to add two languages into the e-commerce pages (mainly checkout and order confirmation) we do not find a way to do that.


I know Webflow is currently working on a multilingual feature to address all of these issues, but in the mean while, how can I solve this restriction? Is there a way to add new e-commerce pages, so that I can add a translated version of the checkout and order confirmation?

As far as I can see, the only way to solve this is to literally build two e-commerce sites (one in English and one in German) and link one to each other. I hope I don’t need to do this. Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hey @Berlitz

You’re right that it is not possible to duplicate the Checkout or Order Confirmation pages. If all you need to do is change the language of displayed text then I think this tutorial may be what you’re looking for.

Hope that helps.

Thanks @matthewpmunger,

I will have a look and see if that works for me! it is indeed just changing the displayed text in both, the Checkout and Order Confirmation pages.

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