Multi language hack. Is it possible?

Hi all!

I need to build a multi-language website with CMS collections and Ecommerce.

My plan is to duplicate non collection/product pages (i.e Home), one for each language. Not the best scenario but totally doable considering that these pages won’t need much updates.

However, this won’t work with Ecommerce products (Webflow only allows one product collection) or CMS (too many collections to deal with). I’ve thought of a solution but I’m not sure it will work… so I need your advice

Would it be possible to duplicate the text fields inside collection and only show one?

For example, each collection would have 2 descriptions fields, one in English and the other in Spanish. If the language is set in English, only the description in that language would show up. See the screenshot attached

Thanks in advance! (and sorry for my English)

Hello @gtc,

To answer your question, yes, you can do that with the cms, you can use conditional visibility on your collections to show your content in either English or Spanish. However that is not a good solution for an Ecommerce site, specially because it will not be good for your SEO, and it will be a lot of work. Have you considered using weglot/ @eugene_weglot? It starts at 99 for 10k words and I think it is free for under 2k words for one language. I would advice you to check them out,, because it will save you a lot of time and probably money in the long term. I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your response @Pablo_Cortes,
Weglot looks like a good solution but it’s expensive. Very expensive. I can’t tell my client that the multi-language tool will cost him much more than the Webflow plan (almost twice as expensive!).

Hello @gtc,

really? because I looked at their page and for one language and 10k words is 99$/year, like 8.25$ a month. That could be expensive for your client, but if he needs an ecommerce site in two languages the correct SEO will generate him enough revenue to pay for weglot’s services many times over. Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide. I think there are other options too, check this one out for example [TUTORIAL] Full Multi Language Site - Easy to set-up and to use!

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Hello @gtc,

I was doing a multilingual site and realized that I could not duplicate a CMS Collection Page. How did you react to this problem you had? So how did you manage to make the content on the CMS Collections Page multilingual?