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How to do XML upload from a site or API


Tell me please, how to do XML upload from a site or API?
I don’t understand anything about this (But urgently needed …

Here is my site read-only link

Are you trying to upload cms items (like blog posts or products)? If so then you need to convert your xml to csv (just google it). Then

Thanks for the answer/ My client needs to provide an XML file of the site’s products to a partner (market place). I have no idea how to do this.

Do you already have them in webflow and you need to export them as an xml or do you already have an excel/csv that you need to turn into an xml?

Yeah, the goods are in the CMS site. I need to export them to XML format. The CMS has the ability to export to csv, but I need XML. Does this mean I need to save the csv file and then convert it to XML?

Export to csv then convert to xml ( Excel/Google Sheets can’t do that.

Thank you so much! Already done)