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How to disable only landscape mobile mode?


I create my website using Webflow and everything works really good. I have a problem just with one thing. I want to disable only landscape view on mobile but it’s not working. I mean it’s working but at the same time it’s hiding a tablet and portrait mobile view too. I just want to disable landscape view only.

I saw a few threads here and tried to use mentioned methods but it’s not working, maybe I’m doing something wrong…

Do you have any ideas how can I do it?


Here is my site:


Why would you want to do that? Why not just apply the same styles to it as tablet/phone portrait so it basically behaves the same?

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I’m looking for the same answer to this question - you can disable the higher level breakpoints so I don’t think this would difficult if it can’t be done already.

@DFink in regards to why you would want to do this - I’d have to ask, why would you want to waste your time “recreating” the same thing on another view and risk it breaking when you could instead just not have the phone rotate?

I completely understand why someone would want to do this, because like I said, I want to do this myself.

Any assistance from anyone would be appreciated - there was no reply to my previous question about this.

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