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How to direct link to a collections page?

Hi, I’m using webflow for a school project and I’m a bit confused. Is it possible to link to collection templates? I tried using my webflow url followed by the collection url but that just causes a 404 error page. Maybe I’m not doing it correctly?


The collection template is where you design how your POSTS pages will look. Posts meaning here a Collection Item. Blog posts for a blog, Author page for an Authors Collection, etc.

So you can’t link to a “template”, but you can link to any direct content of your CMS site (this blog post, that author page).

If what you expect when you link to is to have a list of the collection items (a list of blog posts, a list of authors…) then no, it’s not done like this.

To have such a list of collection items, youneed to build it. The Dynamic List widget is made for that.

Create a page, or use the home page. Drag a Dynamic List in it, link it to a collection (ie blog posts), and then add things to one of the list cells. Add at least a link and a title. Link the title to the title of a blog post, and link the link to the item page. Now you have a complete list of your posts. And you can link to this page.

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