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How to delay the page loading pop-up appearance?

Could you, please, tell me how to delay page loading pop-up appearance, for 10-20 sec?

Here is the link:

There’s TypeForm code embedded into.

I’ve tried using the scroll and load trigger effects, with no success.

Thank you in advance.


If it’s a popup that shows onLoad with an interaction, add a first step with only a 200000ms delay in it. Add a step, only put a delay on the bottom of the dialog, then OK, then drag the step to the top of the list of steps. Then interaction will be triggered by the onLoad, will wait 20000ms (20sec) then proceed with the steps (showing the popup).

Oh, Vincent - so simply, so smart - you’ve just saved me :slight_smile:

It works! Look at:

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

PS: But now, Croatian diacritics letters start to appear wrong :frowning: - it seems to be a WebFlow Google fonts rendering issue?

It works! :smiley:

As for the letters, everything seems ok to me but I know nothing about diacritics letters…

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