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Modal Window After 5 minutes?

Is there any way I can make the modal window pop up 5 minutes after you visit my page? Not immediately.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Put a delay on the interaction having effect on the pop up modal.

You can find the delay timer in the interactions panel:

Are you running any timer analytics on your page to see how much time users are spending on your page on average? I would base your timer off of that data. 5 minutes is an awfully long time spent on a page. More than half of website traffic spends an average of 15 seconds or less on any given page. The latter half will stay up to a minute and half, if you’re lucky.
You’d hate to have an important modal never even pop up due to page abandonment. I’d base your timing off of hard evidence. If you can’t do that, I’d suggest the pop up between 15-45 seconds, or at a certain scroll point on your page.


Im having the same problem. I set it for 30 seconds (30000 Milliseconds) but it takes no effect on the live site. It pops up immediately.

@Live_Tour_Network May please share your read only link so we could take a closer look?

Hello @Live_Tour_Network

You haven’t set an initial appearance for your modal.

Check this example that I made:

The modal Div is called “Div Demo Site”


It still seems to load immediately when you scroll down

I just checked and it seems to be ok now.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Now what it did was just move down the page and it still pops up immediately. Not really sure what going on.

Have you tried using custom code?

This may help you:

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FYI - Google is downranking mobile sites with this type of interaction.